The truth is that you can get an income and you don’t have to gamble with your savings. UK companies are recently set to pay more than hundred billions in dividends. Great news for savers who are sick of the paltry rates is that businesses are sitting on great amount of cash pile and they are looking to dish it out to shareholders.

Those who have bet on shares and funds have already bagged an enormous more than seventy billions worth of income over the summer in three months and that only form fifteen companies. Today is the great day if you are looking for some extra income to look towards growing stock market. With good shares and funds you are able to grow your money and get an extra income by pocketing the dividend yield or payout. The great reward is a realistic probability, but you have to also keep in mind that there might be some losses too and that you can lose some of your money as well.

Recently some of the major companies in Northeast areas are rewarding shareholders with great amount of dividend income and the amount is around 6 cent a year. These dividends are paid by these companies to loyal shareholders. The amount which you can get may vary depending on the share price, so the price can be expected to go up and down or to be abolished at some point which depends on the fortune of the company. For example, the High Street pays around one and a half cent o regular accounts and that is 1.2 per cent after every tax. When the record low bank rate if around half a cent it is unlikely to rise in the following months yet and the cost of goods is high, so keeping your money in the cash form means that the value of the pound is getting eaten away.

There are still great opportunities for those who missed out recent deals, Vodafone mobile giant offers a stable amount of 4.47 per cent and this firm is one of those who increased its payout each year for past two decades. Special payments to shareholders are going up to enormous almost seventeen billion next year after the company sells off stake in Verizon Wireless which is the major U.S. phone network.

Other major companies which are paying large blue chip include companies like Resolution which is offering 6.07 per cent to shareholders. Scottish & Southern Energy is another large company offering high dividends at 6.03 per cent. Royal Dutch Shell is oil company which is paying high dividends at 5.68 per cent to its shareholders. The major UK companies are set to pay amount of 4.2 per cent over the next twelve months which is better than most investments and bond. Other giants in the financial sense like Tesco, Imperial Tobacco, Clean Energy Brazil are worth looking at as they offer great payout to its loyal shareholders, so you may consider investing your money here.